Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Diversions

Uh oh. A whole week's gone by with no new posts. My apologies to those of you that have kept checking back -- Unexpected workloads and August vacation/holidays have us a bit short-handed on the field-guide. Nonetheless, here's this week's diversions and a preview of what I'd like to get posted next week.

First is a test from the work on displacements -- mapped procedural displacements w/ reflections and shadows:And this one... I have no idea what it was about, but it's pretty :)Here's what I'm going to try and get online next week:

A neon light example (object lights and the irradiance cache):A GI interior tutorial ( Global Photon mapping, Datascope, Regathering, Render Cache, Brazil2 Utility Material, Glossy Reflections, Area Shadows):
I'm going to add some more to the Ambient Occlusion and Light-Maps tutorial -- there may be 6 parts to that tutorial before it's completed. That tutorial has evolved and I think I'm going to throw in a bonus section that looks at a different approach.

We also have a new contributor converting one of his Brazil 1 tutorials for us.