Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brazil r/s in the Windows Interface

Level I: Basics/Orientation: Brazil r/s in the Windows Interface (3ds Max Version)

Before moving on to individual tools, let's get acquainted with what gets installed and where. First we'll start with the items that show up in the Windows interface, and then we'll move on to all the locations you can find Brazil's interface elements in the base application.

Brazil r/s uses a standard windows installer, so it's very easy to get up and running. Once installed, Brazil r/s adds some items to your start Menu in the windows interface. We will assume you just did a "typical" install. If you're interested in all the custom installation options, please refer to the Brazil reference manual.

Brazil r/s in the Start Menu:

  • In the SplutterFish/Brazil menu, you have options for managing your installation, checking for updates, and a shortcut to the SplutterFish homepage.

Checking for Updates:
  1. Select "Check for Updates" from the SplutterFish/Brazil Start Menu
  2. Click the "Check Now" button in the "Check for Updates" section of the dialog

  • Using this dialog you can automatically contact and check if you have the latest version installed. You may have to adjust your firewall options to complete this action.
Launch 3ds Max:

Next, we will look at Brazil r/s in the 3ds Max interface, but first, you have to start 3ds Max
  1. Double-click the 3ds Max Icon on your desktop