Friday, June 15, 2007

The view from 10,000 feet

As a starting point, I'm working from an outline for course curriculum currently being developed for training sessions. I'll start with an overview of the entire course, how it's broken down, it's goals, etc., and then periodically post sections of the outline, followed up with some drafts of actual content/lessons. This blog may not stick strictly to this process and may tangent off into more "interesting" topics from time to time... but we'll start with this idea and see what happens. :)

The course is currently broken into two levels: Level I is for beginners, and Level II gets into advanced topics. A new user should be able to start at Level I with little or no experience in 3d rendering or with 3d applications (3ds Max, or Rhino). This may be a bit boring at the very start (how to start the app, where to find Brazil, etc.), but it's just groundwork for the sake of completeness -- after this, we will be introducing the new topics *and* adding additional, more in-depth information that will benefit all Brazil r/s artists (and allow us to have some fun!).


Level I: Basic usage/Navigation/Customization

Level II: High-end techniques

The current outline is something that covers two 3-day workshops.

Level I will cover basic Brazil V2 usage and navigation, giving the new user the skills and knowledge they need to efficiently operate Brazil r/s. The minute function of every button in the software's interface will not be covered as the focus will be on getting going, general usage, and concepts. The extensive Brazil r/s reference manual does cover every button in the interface and the new users should have the confidence to benefit directly from the researching the reference manual after completion of the Level I course.

Level II assumes an artist that not only understands the Level I material, but that they have taken the time to become relatively proficient with the software (something that only the dedication to time and practice will produce). Time will not be spent on navigation of the interface so much as techniques that will make the user a top-notch Brazilian. The goal of Level II is to make an artist technically proficient with both the tools and the rendering concepts required to become an effective, expert Brazil V2 TD.

If that all sounds totally dry and boring, don't fret. We'll try to throw in some more interesting commentary and how-to's along the way :) ... oh, and of course -- we'll be tossing in more pictures too :)

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