Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Showing-off with the new B2 Domelight

As some of you may already know, we've just released a new Brazil 2 pro build with several new beta features (check the attachments at the bottom of that post). We've already started getting some interesting test imagery -- I thought it would be cool to share :)

"Render test by Cuneyt Ozdas -- Domelight with Brazil 2 Advanced material, SSS texture and area highlights. The scene is lit by the "Walk of Fame" HDRI from http://www.hdrlabs.com/gallery/panoga... The same HDRI is used as an environmental reflection and can be seen in the chrome sphere. Rendertime: ~4 min/frame on a 2Ghz Core2 Duo notebook (T7200 processor) 2GB RAM Max9. Pure QMC solution, no irradiance/render-cache, and no additional lights in the scene."

The youtube video got pretty compressed, so here is a 800x600 divx 6 version. (1.5 MB)

... And an image by Nathan Fariss:

This one uses HDRI from the Domelight with GI, the new analytic bump mapping, the new bi-directional sub-surface scattering (sweet!), caustics, dispersion.... Nathan is threatening to add more features to it -- if he does, I'll update the image :)

Also -- google alerts sent me a link to a new Brazil V1 video tutorial today, called, "Easy Occlusion with Brazil R/S." A couple things to note on this: 1) You can do the same thing with colored lighting if you use the Chroma Shadow pass, and 2) his technique will not work if you're using over-bright/hdr lighting (the blacks in the shadows end up being clamped-1.0-intensity-light when inverted). For doing the lighting passes when you want to use over-bright/hdr lighting, use the white plaster pass.